What is a Hard Seltzer?
Hard Seltzer it’s a new and exciting category of a low alcoholic drink typically made with just three ingredients: neutral alcohol, natural flavourings and sparkling water.
What alcohol is used in Hard Seltzer?
The alcohol used in Hard Seltzer varies from brand to brand. We use high quality premium grain based neutral alcohol, distilled in heart of London.
What are the other ingredients of TWIST® Hard Seltzer?
Absolutely, all of our ingredients are naturally gluten free.
Is TWIST® Hard Seltzer sugar free?
Yes, we don’t add any sugar or additives in any step of the production. However, Twist has residual sugar of 0.2g from the fresh fruits used for our flavourings.
Is it suitable for vegetarians and vegan friendly?
Yes, we are 100% vegan.
How many calories has TWIST® Hard Seltzer?
Each bottle of Twist contain only 60 calories.
What is the shelf life of TWIST® Hard Seltzer?
Generally, properly stored Twist Hard Seltzer will stay fresh for 12 months.
Do I need to refrigerate the bottles?
100% best enjoyed chilled or over ice. Please refrain from freezing the aluminium bottle as this causes the carbonation to expand and will cause the bottle to leak.
How many bottles come in a pack?
Twist come in packs of 6 or 12, either as a variety pack or, as a single flavour – the choice is yours.
Is your packaging recyclable and what is your sustainability policy?
Our bottles are made of aluminium, making them 100% recyclable, and we purposely use cardboard packaging instead of plastic.
What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept all major forms of credit & debit card payments and PayPal.
When will my card be charged?
All payment cards will be charged on placing of the order.
Is my payment information safe?
Yes. Our website is SSL secured and we adhere to strict GDPR policy guidelines meaning we do not store personal information such as credit card details on our servers.
How do you ship and what are the delivery costs?
All orders are processed via overnight dispatch and shipping fee varies on the payment method.
What is the delivery time on orders?
As we operate on an overnight delivery basis, we aim to have the bottles delivered within next 3 business days, depending on at which time of the day the order was placed. We currently only deliver across mainland UK and Europe.
My order hasn’t arrived what should I do?
Please email us at info@twisthardseltzers.com and we will take care of this for you.
My box arrived damaged, what should I do?
If the outer box is damaged, you must refuse collection from your courier. If the box contents are damaged when opened, please take pictures straight away along with collection receipt and email info@twisthardseltzers.com. A member of the team will contact you ASAP.
Where is my order?
If you have any enquires regarding your recent order then don’t hesitate to contact us on info@twisthardseltzers.com
Where can I find TWIST® Hard Seltzer?
Selfridges & Co, Twist's Website, Amazon, The Whisky Exchange, Master of Malt and Hipflask