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Hard Seltzer it’s a new and exciting category of a low alcoholic drink typically made with just three ingredients: neutral alcohol, natural flavourings and sparkling water.

The alcohol used in Hard Seltzer varies from brand to brand. We use high quality premium grain based neutral alcohol, distilled in heart of London.

Absolutely, all of our ingredients are naturally gluten free.

Yes, we don’t add any sugar or additives in any step of the production. However, Twist has residual sugar of 0.2g from the fresh fruits used for our flavourings.

Each can of Twist contain only 73 calories.

When properly stored Twist Hard Seltzers will stay fresh for 12 months.

100% best enjoyed chilled or over ice. Please refrain from freezing the aluminium can as this causes the carbonation to expand and will cause the can to leak.

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